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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Norman Hakim dan Memey Suhaiza akan berkahwin

Seriously i have no effing idea what to write about this.
Ok they made it finally.
What else you wanted to know?
Gosh! Get a life will ya!

and most of the thing they will write is "Abby Abadi Tidak Kisah Jika Norman Nak Kahwin Dengan Memey ...", "Norman Hakim-Memey Suhaiza Kahwin Raya Haji?" (tak payah la nak letak questionaire..... ), "Norman Hakim dan Memey Akan Kahwin di Aidiladha Fitnah?" (Fitnah? Tak kahwin lagi menimbulkan fitnah. kahwin je la bro...), and all of the same...

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