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Friday, September 9, 2011

“when does heart can be rational?”

#and most of the times i just keep it quiet and let it burn and buried deep inside of me #i am just plain weird just like that #i supposed to have a mirror but i broke it #jangan menjangkitkan kesakitan pada orang lain ibarat salival tranfusion #sometimes i can't understand myself #tapi saya hanya sebutir zarah dan suara saya amat kecil untuk didengar satu cakerawala #thanks a lot #this is for you actually #true i am a bit difficult #you never heard this because im living with a ghost and you're living but dead living but deadly to me #this is like narcissistic drama king gone math metal and awry

and you know what, the saviour you've been waiting for is not there for you, because she's not there or better, never exist.

angel dies or there is no angel here, whichever is better.

or it's just maybe i am breaking your heart, killing you softly, unintentionally, so that i don't pay attention.

*throwing a confetti over a mediocre-heartbreaking post in just plain wrong
** you yourself wanna be happy, so be it. yes, you. the third.
***you're still stuck, chained and wired and surrounded by a school of fishes and sea monkey of opportunist #fact

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