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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The origin of Nirvana yellow smiley face symbol / logo

How did Nirvana come up with their smiley face logo?

An popular place called 'The Acid House' used a smiley as it's logo, that's where Nirvana got their idea for the modified smiley they used in their promo's. (UK acid house and rave fans used the yellow smiley face symbol simply as an emblem of the music and scene, a "vapid, anonymous smile" that portrayed the "simplest and gentlest of the Eighties’ youth manifestations" that was non-aggressive, "except in terms of decibels" at the high-volume DJ parties. Some acid house fans used a smiley face with a blood streak on it, which Watchmen comics creator Alan Moore asserts was based on Dave Gibbons' artwork for the series.)

The smiley is a picture Kurt Cobain drew of Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses (the bands didn't like each other). I dount know if its the reason nirvana have it but on some Ecstasy pills its is a "nirvana" smiley. I remember reading in hth about something Kurt drew that he named "Mr. Sunshine Commits Suicide". The smiley seems to be the best representation of that IMO. So unless anyone knows for a fact that the smiley ain't Mr. Sunshine, let's leave it at that.
Humm, I'm probably wrong. Just looked at hth and it does say that the Mr. Sunshine thing was a stick figure but then it says the figure is choping off its leg. oh well...
It is a picture kurt drew of axl rose during the Nevermind sessions. it's just a random drawing they happened to like, and there is no deep philosophical meaning behind it. im not sure what the "meaning was" or where it came from but i know it was used on the invitation for the nevermind release party. I read somewhere that the actuall smiley: was created in Seattle during the hippies era, the Nirvana one might have been a Kurts stab at it.

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