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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twitter Worldwide Top Trending : Nokia Lumia 800

Telerik Telerik
Skin your #WP7 emulator with #NokiaLumia skin. @Telerik team created it for free, pure fun. #wpdev blogs.telerik.com/blogs/posts/11…

ajordanah Antonio Jordana
Hands on video: Nokia Lumia 800 pulse.me/s/2Adp4

cesarsaenz7 Cesar Saenz
Nokia Lumia 800, no tiene nada nuevo, no es nada novedoso, diganle a Nokia que lo debio sacar como 2 años atras y a lo mejor pegaba...

theratedCA ©hitrang Ambikar TM
Video: Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph talks about Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia 800 & Lumia 710 dlvr.it/sPVHC

a1zudd1n mohd aizuddin
Telefon Pintar Nokia : Lumia 800 & 710? twrt.me/l41dew RT @M0hamadFaiz

zoom_scanner Zoom Scanner
NOKIA Lumia 800 & 710 ANNOUNCED, 'first real' Windows Phone (Videos) goo.gl/fb/p66dX

ExpMusicGroup Experience Music Grp
"Garden" by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs soundtracks this funky advert for the @Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone - youtu.be/I1qTbs8K3go

Nokia Lumia 800: What You Need to Know bit.ly/ujgnTO

connectreviews ConnectReviews
New: First Look: Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 bit.ly/twnXL7 #wp7 #nokia #nokiaworld

giovanerm Giovane Machado
Eu quero um Nokia Lumia 800! Muito lindo. D:

android_kuwaity آندورويدي كويتي!
[Poll] Do the New Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Phones Make You Wish Nokia Didn’t Sign That Partnership? pulse.me/s/2zjH3

sam1meta samuel a villegas
Nokia Lumia 800: What You Need to Know bit.ly/tX9U8W

chugarcia Jesús A. García
Ya quiero ver el Nokia Lumia 800 para ver si está tan bueno como cel, como dicen... necesitamos más competencia en el mercado de los móviles

Fonekit Fonekit.Com
Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 news in one handy video (cnet uk): Share With Friends: | | Products - Cell Phones - Accessories News, RSS a...

plsslp2008 Palash Paul
Video: Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph talks about Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia 800 & Lumia 710 bit.ly/tU8EQS via @Symbiantweet

aliguana Al Iguana
Loving the design on the Nokia Lumia 800. Would be lush with Ice Cream Sandwich on it... #makeitso

just_afriend Just a Friend
@gruber Guess who's Nokia Lumia 800 "mini me"? pic.twitter.com/sYuLC1xI

catpow3r catpow3r 
@icep4ck desde Londres, nos cuenta sobre el Nokia Lumia 800 bit.ly/ulu4nc

mirmirage Mirage
Hands-On With the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 soc.li/MyKdjoM

Xbox360nKinect Xbox 360 n Kinect
Xbox 360 on your Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800: The Xbox 360 demo desk was set up with a large flat-screen... bit.ly/vhyCF0

iAmAfanOf HD
The Nokia Lumia 800 looks great. I would buy it if it had a microSD slot. I don't care if doesn't have a front facing camera.

just_afriend Just a Friend
Guess who's Nokia Lumia 800 mini me? pic.twitter.com/sYuLC1xI

RimsandApples Rims&Apples
Check out Nokia's new phone running Windows! fb.me/1eCV4msF2

zooheon 周憲 - Jooheon
Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone youtu.be/3AO__3YV9Is - 늦은대응이 회사를 어렵게 했으나 CF만큼은 아직도 최고수준.

k_kuroji Kuroji
N9とほぼ同じ外見ながらWindows phone7.5(Mango)搭載、16GBのストレージはアップグレードできないけど SkyDriveに接続すれば25GB分保存領域が確保できる。2011年末発売予定。>Nokia Lumia 800

Los nuevos #Nokia #Lumia 800 y 710 en imágenes bit.ly/tMRjHo

luisbert20 Luιs•AlbεяTσ ✓
Nokia presenta sus Windows Phone: Nokia Lumia 800 y Nokia Lumia 710 windowsteamblog.com/international/… #TanRechulos

samlezama Samantha Lezama
#Nokia Lumia 800 - first hands-on video youtube.com/watch?v=ShBPOt… via @youtube Nice looking phone. I think i want one in purple

JackoBobadilla jack bobadilla
Soy yo o el @nokia Lumia 800 y el N9 en lo que se refiere a la parte fisica de los telefonos son demaciado parecidos, 1 Meego y otro WPSeven

fredericomaciel Frederico Luiz
RT @fredericomaciel Nokia Lumia 800 deve chegar em países da Europa ainda em novembro goo.gl/fb/hCp7V

ZipRage ZipRage
New on ZipRage, Nokia Lumia 800 - is.gd/iWv8we

Bronson006 Thomas Scott
Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Compare and Contrast tinyurl.com/3rxxqhm

#Nokia Lumia 800 hands-on (video) engt.co/uqpHa3 #NokiaWorld

ArrahQ Arrah Camillia
Nokia Lumia 800 hands-on (video) engt.co/uqpHa3 via @engadget

Digixav Digixav
The Nokia Lumia 800 is out in the UK on November 16th. My birthday is the 23rd. I know what I want! :) @BenThePCGuy #WP7

ferlustig Fernando Lustig 
“@canal_iphone: ☆ Nokia Lumia 800: por fin un teléfono que no se inspira en el iPhone dlvr.it/sPDyR”/ le falto el (?)

mrlacey Matt Lacey
Shared: Nokia Lumia 800 is now available for hands-on in EVERY Phones4U store nationwide mrlac.eu/si3Il0

Bronson006 Thomas Scott
Nokia Drive GPS navigation app in action on the Nokia Lumia 800 tinyurl.com/3wcbtuq

ThelmaBoyd Thelma Boyd
Xbox 360 on your Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 bit.ly/vHnbjx

mirmirage Mirage
Nokia Lumia 800 vs. iPhone 4S and Nexus Galaxy pcworld.com/article/242601… via @PCWorld

amanda_lam Amanda Lam
Nokia Lumia 800 – Top 8 must-see videos! | Nokia Conversations conversations.nokia.com/2011/10/26/nok…

Prylotek Prylotek
Nokia Lumia 800 med Windows Phone 7.5 Mango är här: Massor av nyheter har rullat ut från Nokia idag, men den al... bit.ly/ubYRKh

RossAMcGlasson Ross McGlasson
Nokia Lumia 800 hands-on: Unibody wonder - cnet.com/8301-17918_1-2… via @cnet

mashable Pete Cashmore
Nokia Lumia 800 Could Be the Best Windows Phone Yet [HANDS-ON] - on.mash.to/vcQKi3

Retweeted 100+ times

SymbianMob Symbian
Games · Themes · Apps · Wallpapers · App Updates · Stuffs · Nokia · Videos · _Symbian_ · MeeGo · Windows · Firmware... dlvr.it/sPRRx

arniesean Sean Arnold
Interested to see the price point of the new Nokia WP7 considering the lower specs engt.co/rN5IrS via @engadget

LaunchPR LaunchPR
Nokia launched 2 new Microsoft Windows phones. Will its sleek new features help it stand out amongst competitors? huff.to/rwZlhB

gizmag Gizmag
Nokia's first Windows-based phones: the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 - gizm.ag/v3e9b0

danmikhael Dan Michael
I only just finished reviewin the Nokia N9, now there is a #WP7 Nokia Lumia? No fair! engadget.com/2011/10/26/nok…

meetusinghal MeetuSinghal
Hands on with Nokia’s Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phones goo.gl/1X9Qo @venturebeat

karoliinasalmin Karoliina Salminen
N9 being compared: nokiamobileblog.com/nokia-lumia-80…

chhhris christopher lake
iPhone & android no longer only game in town. "HANDS ON: Nokia's Head-Turning New Flagship Windows Phone (NOK, MSFT)" j.mp/vigZ9l

michaelsawh Michael Sawh
Better late than never but stirling work by @johnsonjourno and @Tom_Stears on covering all things Nokia World t3.com/reviews/nokia-…

oben02 Ben
#Nokia Lumia 800: What You Need to Know is.gd/KKSYA5

mashable Pete Cashmore
Nokia Lumia 800: What You Need to Know - on.mash.to/uKctn5

EverythingMS Everything Microsoft
HANDS ON: Nokia's Head-Turning New Flagship Windows Phone Is Here (NOK, MSFT) read.bi/toDYET

HANDS ON: Nokia's Head-Turning New Flagship Windows Phone Is Here $NOK $MSFT by @ellishamburger read.bi/tw2Izt

WiredUK Wired UK
Now with video: Hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 800 bit.ly/tj6nXD

guardiantech Guardian Tech
Nokia Lumia 800 prices as a spreadsheet: how much does it cost? bit.ly/tbtdUt

engadget Engadget
Nokia Lumia 800 hits UK carriers this November, Xbox 360 used as bait engt.co/tZkuiP

stevecla steve clayton
Nokia joins the Windows Phone party - in style! bit.ly/rRo0vN #nokiaworld #wp7

WiredUK Wired UK
Hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone (with pictures galore, for good measure) bit.ly/usQnji by @NateLanxon

titanas Stefanos Kofopoulos
Nokia Lumia 800 design points to the future. @Nokia created not just a phone but a solid mobile companion for everyday #NokiaWorld

hellomuller Tom Muller
I have to say the Nokia Lumia 800 looks very interesting… No faux leather to be seen on Windows Phone OS.

nokia Nokia
RT @Mashable: Nokia Lumia 800 Could Be the Best Windows Phone Yet [HANDS-ON] - on.mash.to/vcQKi3

Nokia_UK Nokia UK
Win 1 of 5 new Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phones in our exclusive Facebook competition nokia.ly/upRkXA #Nokiaworld #Nokia

engadget Engadget
Nokia Lumia 800 vs. Nokia N9: the tale of the tape engt.co/u0U7TD

Tim_Stevens Tim Stevens
Wondering how the Lumia 800 and N9 compare? There are more differences than you might think: engt.co/uXnLpx

verge The Verge
Nokia Lumia 800 pictures, video, and hands-on preview bit.ly/tctOXm

PhilSchwarzmann Phil Schwarzmann
I asked Siri which smartphone to buy. She said the Nokia Lumia 800.

Nokia’s first Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 800 gets announced [video] goo.gl/fb/50ts4

ShaolinTiger ShaolinTiger
Nokia Lumia 800 - basically a N9 running WP7 instead of MeeGo - sounds good :D

TheNextWeb The Next Web
Hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone [Photos] tnw.to/1BXzl by @m4tt on @TNWmobile

engadget Engadget
Nokia Lumia 800 hands-on engt.co/tW6IbA

engadget Engadget
Nokia Lumia 800 shipping in November for $585, available for pre-order now engt.co/utFOYU

ThreeUK ThreeUK
We can confirm that the Nokia Lumia 800 will be coming to Three. ow.ly/79eUP

BBCRoryCJ Rory Cellan-Jones
Here's the Nokia Lumia 800 - the first real Windows Phone, according to Stephen Elop #nokiaworld pic.twitter.com/N4CzUXTZ

nokia Nokia
Nokia Lumia 800 is trending too ;) #NokiaWorld

ceoStephenElop Stephen Elop
Nokia Lumia 800 might be human, but I'm not sure if Kevin Shields is. #nokiaworld

rich_wong Rich P Wong
Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phones slip out ahead of tomorrow's announcement pulse.me/s/2yoY6

obefiend Effi Obefiend
@amanfirdaus RT @GsmArena: Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 leak too, mystery is gone dlvr.it/sDKkQ

slashgear SlashGear
Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phone devices leaked slgr.co/tjn #tech #slashgear

EverythingMS Everything Microsoft
LEAKED: Nokia's Big Windows Phone Announcement For Tomorrow Morning (MSFT, NOK) read.bi/tRoVOk

LEAKED: Nokia's Big Windows Phone Announcement For Tomorrow Morning $MSFT $NOK by @ellishamburger read.bi/rWMfpf

megastuffs MitanshSaini
#Nokia Lumia 800 is official name for Sea Ray #Windows Phone bit.ly/tlYgr2

robbiecee2 Robbie Cunningham
Nokia Lumia 800 is new name for Sea Ray Windows Phone is.gd/RYwBxl #tech #robbiecee2

cnetuk CNET UK
Nokia Lumia 800 is the new name for the Sea Ray Windows Phone, which we should see tomorrow crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/nokia-…

Travellwebs Nokia
Nokia Lumia 800 is new name for Sea Ray Windows Phone - Crave dlvr.it/sB4NT

GeekyGadgets Geeky Gadgets
First Nokia Windows Phone To Be Called The Nokia Lumia 800 goo.gl/fb/BwDLB

SDRnokia StormDriver Nokia
Nokia Lumia 800 photos give name away - Pocket-lint - The Sea Ray gets titled. Nokia Lumia 800 photos give name awa... ow.ly/1fj3Kz

Vitalchriz christian tavian
Nokia Lumia 800 photos give name away: The Sea Ray gets titled The much rumoured, an... bit.ly/shg4ir

mikemacias Mike Macias
Nokia Lumia 800 teaser video leaked and the hardware design closely resembles the Nokia N9 | The Mobile Fanatics ow.ly/77ygo

mobilesmarts Mobile Phone School
#nokia #cellphone First Nokia Lumia 800 Sample Photos Found Online dld.bz/avQ3U

techgrancom techgran.com
Nokia Lumia 800 Specification, Photo Leaks goo.gl/fb/y8R2G

Mobiledealstop Mobiledealstop
Sample photos reveal Nokia Lumia 800 camera details - The Nokia 800 may launch as the Nokia Lumia 800 when it is rev... ow.ly/1fhWOT

newstodaybzcm Renisha Glinton
bit.ly/pGPiK0 First photos from the Nokia Lumia 800 shows up on Flickr - WMPoweruser.com

AndroidGeekNews Android Geek News
Nokia Lumia 800 Photos #Appear on Flickr [Images] bit.ly/pWY0Sm

susobhanm Susobhan Mishra
Nokia Lumia 800 Camera Samples turn up Online bit.ly/njv5VQ via @ZOMGitsCj

ZOMGitsCj ZOMGitsCj.com
Nokia Lumia 800 Camera Samples turn up Online - bit.ly/mUI8t5

WPhoneDaily Windows Phone Daily
First Nokia Lumia 800 camera samples discovered, nothing less than excellent bit.ly/qd2sYf #WP7 #WPD

TN4W Tech News 4 Windows
First photos from the Nokia Lumia 800 shows up on Flickr: Click for a full-sized version. TheNokiaBlog has foun... bit.ly/pNmrvv

msmobiles WMPoweruser
First photos from the Nokia Lumia 800 shows up on Flickr bit.ly/pDmcRn

thenokiablog The Nokia Blog
First Nokia Lumia 800 sample photos found online nokb.ly/17i

daanno Danijel Dercksen
“@DrPinball: Well there's something you don't find lying around every day when you go for a stroll... skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cli…” Nokia Lumia 800

madsarild Mads Arild Vedøy
Someone is testing the new Nokia #winphone RT @l3v5y: NOKIA Lumia 800 anyone? ( bit.ly/oWdgNN

l3v5y Olly Levett
NOKIA Lumia 800 anyone? ( l3v5y.zxq.net/AnalyticsView.…)

other trends in Malaysia ·
Nokia Lumia 800
Haha :D
Happy Deepavali
Be Afraid of The Dark


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