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Thursday, May 31, 2012

saya nak pergi Paradigm Mall, akan tetapi pada satu hari....

... n mengeluh dengan nada kesal, "oh, great...... now i am at Paradigm Mall."

apa yang tak kenanya dengan tempat tu saya pun tak tau. dekat Kelana Jaya. boleh saya naik LRT like a free country. what's wrong with that?

until i stumbled upon this entry at Blogserius :

Check dekat Twitter plak, and all these...

Sueann Chong @SusuMilk
Paradigm Mall gets rude and nasty on a FB comment. Craycray! RT @MsLye http://t.co/wSxAvlQz
Christina Lye @MsLye
Please hire professional PR/Comm people. Don't let what happened with Paradigm Mall on FB happen to you. http://t.co/IOqOz0WR
 Andrew @runningandrew
wow, that paradigm mall FB msg has >600 comments. seriously?
 leenbakar @leenbakar
So I just read all the comments in the FB status kerfuffle that's Paradigm Mall. Shows how social media's still an uncharted territory here.
 amirah azhari @amirah_azhari
Sign out fb then sign in balik just to read justkhairie's comment on the paradigm mall isu! Hahahahaaa.
 Winston @WGOIKL
Update on paradigm mall. Your thoughts? http://fb.me/1MfOFNMoK
 Find Recycler WebApp @FindRecycler
Recycling collection bins within the new Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya, Malaysia!! http://t.co/oeeJJrud
 Maybel Chan @pinkybots
Paradigm Mall, your lift troubles & lack of FB skills are nothing. The Curve is dangerous like the ghetto yo!
 Mark Lee @IAmDukeRed
Is that FB conversation with Paradigm Mall that's being circulated real? Moderator sounds to dumb for it to be true.
 Kingston Lo @KingstonLYS
Was laughing my ass off looking at the people bashing at Paradigm Mall's FB page trololol
 Jumiyatul Khalilah J @jkhalilah
hoih. penat baca FB post pasal Paradigm Mall tu. confirm admin tu kena pecat.
 Mandy Choong @mun_yee
Paradigm mall is in a BAD shape now.. DO NOT simply comment especially in SOCIAL MEDIA.. This is gonna be viral.. http://on.fb.me/NgLrkq
 .: CJ :. @CJ_381
so Paradigm Mall ada FB fanpage and baru bukak dah kena hentam sbb cara management reply FB comments ha? geez learn ppl learn
 Clancy_SN @Clancy_SN
Hmmm Paradigm Mall ain't having a very good start with the FB fan page .....
 Julian Hopkins @julianhopkins
heh, new Paradigm mall customer response on FB generates online bust up http://on.fb.me/LSgV0e
 Julian Hopkins @julianhopkins
heh, new Paradigm mall customer response on FB generates online bust up
 Winnie Lim @winnielsh
Hahaha laughing so hard reading the exchange between famous 'troller' and Paradigm Mall FB admin's reply...hahhaha
 Chin Ann @vin_ann
so base on respond in Paradigm mall FB, people LIKES the MALL...
 Dona Ahmad @twtupdona
@bobo_sr on Paradigm mall fb page. Jawab complaint orang mcm perempuan meroyan! Hahahah
 PikaChng @MeganChng
The cover photo for Paradigm Mall's fb is #CheatOne. Where got rolling yards of greenery and a giant hot air balloon hmph
 Winnie Lim @winnielsh
Paradigm mall's FB admin damn epic la. Definitely got a different 'sense of humour'. How rude!
 Captain Holiday @9W2MUC
@FazMN saya rujuk mengenai komen Paradigm Mall dalam fb depa sendiri :)
 Captain Holiday @9W2MUC
Ramai rakyat teruja pasal Paradigm Mall. Or izzit because of the fb comments by them? :D
 TO MENG NGAW @tomeng
this Freddie Toh, pls get a life instead of stalking n spamming like a troll.. anyhow, Paradigm Mall get a free... http://fb.me/1MS7Lvts9
 yoonkit @yoonkit
'Like' doesn't mean 'like' nowadays RT @suanie: This afternoon, Paradigm Mall FB page had over 8K Likes. Now it's over 9K. So, who won? ;)
 Han Yun Tan @HanYunTan
The "Magic" of Paradigm mall is becoming a trend #fb
 yoonkit @yoonkit
That's not sarcasm. Just lame RT @suanie @icednyior: sarcastic customer service reply on FB. Tsk tsk Paradigm Mall http://twitpic.com/9qvn8y
 Patrick Teong @thteong
@anilazmar go paradigm mall fb page. Yeah, temp leave bb. Maybe back when bb10.
 Vivian Tan @ohmyvivian
If u need some good entertainment, fb search for "Paradigm Mall" & look at posts left by everyone else. DO NOT MISS OUT THE POST REPLIES.
 TO MENG NGAW @tomeng
LMAO looking at the reply frm Paradigm Mall~ http://fb.me/1NaktDthx
 Yayè Ilyana @ilyana9
Paradigm mall boleh belajar dgn GM Plaza macam mana nak handle fb account.
 Foong Pc @foongpc
Ok a bit late checking out FB regarding Paradigm Mall. Stunned with the unprofessional reply. R they serious?!!
 Pearly ♡ @Pearllish
Funny how people trolls on Paradigm mall fb page and the admin is actually involved in their jokes and not comments.
 Toon Seri Anthraxxxx @anthraxxxx
Paradigm shift in Paradigm Mall http://on.fb.me/KrFp0A
 The Boxcutter @Hit_TP
Whoever this Freddie Toh person (he keeps trolling at the Paradigm Mall FB page), he needs to get a life.
 Kim Ong @kimongsk
Enjoing the "Freddie Toh vs unprofessional FB admin at Paradigm Mall" saga. From non-working lifts to "magic". Read: http://on.fb.me/KVOdY7
 Tan Regen @regentan
Maybe those people liked the picture i posted on fb ALSO thinks that is paradigm mall fault. And if terread my comment. Boom me like hell
 Wilson J Q Quah @jqquah
Doesn't matter they hv tesco RT @starwing: @cheeChingy PR Win actually, now everyone is talking about Paradigm mall. Good or bad. #fb
 vangeyzel @vangeyzel
I think the Paradigm Mall FB page thing was intentional. Good promo.
 Andrew @runningandrew
hhhhm..something happened at Paradigm Mall? tengok semua orang cmplain at FB
 Christopher Tock @spinzer
My response to Paradigm Mall social media disaster: 1) everyone now knows about newly launched Paradigm Mall 2)... http://fb.me/DQ77KUDG

Tapi pasal Facebook dia je pun, got nothing to do with that fucking shopping mall itself. and you know what, im not in the mood of shopping mall like these people. when it comes to good bookplace, not matter where it's located, it's always good....

damn these shopping mall freaks. like Mid Valley or Pavilion or Sunway Pyramid is never enough...

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