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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

read TRUCE magazine

Truce Vol 5

it's amazing to see how people in this world get connected real closer to each other, day by day with internet. the reason i won't leaving my hometown for a very long time because of 'digital living'. people will ask me to"get a life!" or something, but what is life if it's just a matter of the same shit everyday, it just wanting you to throw up, more4 and more, you get sicker day by day. btw, i just connected with Stefan Jermann, a zurich based photographer. it's all started with art. Stefan's brothers work at t42 design, a design team based in LA. actually, I enjoy some of the works that was done by t42. they have done a packaging for bands like Machine Head, Slipknot, Slayer, Fear Factory, Stone Sour, American Head Charge, to name a few. and those bands are my favourite bands i like to listen in the past. i always keep the liner notes/cover art that i have from their records i buy. and i always keep looking at it once i play their music. but sometimes i think i wanting more, so i go to their website to see what other thing they're offering other than what i have, like Machine Head's Burning Red liner notes that i bring it everywhere, everytime my creative sense seeking for something. so, great. they have introduced me to Stefan Jerman. and Stefan happen to own this magazine who publish his photo works and other story from artistes worldwide. he just feel amaze to know that i'm interested with his magazine, although i live in Malaysia, that's very far from Zurich. what can i say, this is cybertechnology, there's no boundaries at all. what just i know is, Zurich is located in Switzerland, but they speak Deutch. i first thought Stefan is from German, until i found the currency he used for the magazine. ok, the magazine is called TRUCE. the other thing i'm interested other than Stefan works in TRUCE is the first issue cover, has OBEY Giant trademark stencil-grafitti-sticker-logo. so i think it's a good read that you should seek it out.
thanks, please count a few weeks for the mag to arrive from zürich as it is heavy and will be shiped as a parcel. regards, stefan
sure, i will! i think i know a few right people in Malaysia who can spread a word about TRUCE. one of my friend handle a design news portal (his website: http://www.digitalmalaya.com ). he is well-known in local design community, and some design portal worldwide also familiar with his website. that's just perfect! i'll sign the guestbook. deal! thanks, Nazri
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stefan jermann wrote: ok, t42design-thats my brother in l.a.! i'll send you a magazine if you spread TRUCE a bit in Malaysia to the right people and make us a cool guest book entry!? deal? best, stefan please write your name and malaysia in the guestbook- it's always impressive to see how the people are writing from all over the world. thanx, stefan
Dear Stefan, Thanks for your reply. I'm writing by personal interest. Recently, I visit T42 Design website ( http://www.t42design.com )because most of the CDs from the band that I listen were design by the team. From the website, I happen to hear about your magazine, and I'm interested because I'm also into art and photography. Thank you again, Nazri
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stefan jermann wrote: Dear Nazri Ngah, Many thanks for your request. Are you writing from a company or by personal interest, and how did you hear about TRUCE? regards, Stefan Jermann publisher

stefan, please send me a copy of TRUCE magazine. thanks, A Nazri Ngah


I'm going to check Aextra, the band that Stefan shoot for their CD.
go check:
Stefan Jermann portfolio | website http://www.jermann.com
TRUCE magazine online | http://www.truce-online.com
t42 design | http://www.t42design.com
Obey Giant | http://www.obeygiant.com

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