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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scorpenes Marimar Yen Yen Manon, DAFUQ?

Ridiculous! Msia gov is going against SUARAM on Scorpenes withstle-blower? wat is the use of withstle-blowing act? for decoration? #GE13 Blown too loud? RT"@MsiaChronicle: Malaysia goes after Scorpenes whistle-blower: NltlP2" @NajibRazak fear factor? http://t.co/wBVVZl3h @MsiaChronicle: Malaysia goes after Scorpenes whistle-blower: Facebook Accusations Untrue, Says Yen Yen #News MWqmhQ 3 bad things Yen Yen is teaching Malaysians NgLM7b News@ELIS: We're welcoming Woo Yen Yen, Colin Goh and Otto Fong here at ELIS today! 3 bad things Yen Yen is teaching M'sians: FREE YOURSAY ‘This is no different from a bumiputera minister making u...  “@malaysiakini: 3 bad things Yen Yen is teaching M'sians: LDryYc” fren fren maa Yen Yen Lashes Out at Guan Eng for Raising Old Issue #News McCZzZ The next time you apply for Aussie PR so that you can save on foreign levy on your children, you can always count on Ng Yen Yen's support. 3 bad things http://t.co/G9m3B3YV Yen Yen is teaching M'sians:  I wonder if the immigration officer who approved Ng Yen Yen's PR application would get into any trouble. #LiarLiar 19. Yen Yen: Chartered flights can boost tourism  Ng Yen Yen "very proud" of Aussie PR: Slams Guan Eng for 'digging' it out:  'Liar" Liow and Yen Yen deny Guan Eng accusations made during debate  IndoChina: Facebook accusations untrue, says Yen Yen - #Malaysia Star  Reading USD/JPY: Yen Trading Lower Amid Poor Economic Data From Japan: USD/JPY: Yen Trading Lower Amid Poor Econ... Lol drenched! Dulce María también está contemplada para ser la protagonista de "Corazón Indomable" ¿Podría ser ella la nueva 'Marimar'? Is watching marimar while waiting for the next class at 11am. Watching, MariMar now. I uploaded a @YouTube video http://youtube.com/fKKTrpEx MARIMAR PART 21  View video Gonna find a way how to download marimar and stairway to heaven i am now,da start smile da haah..enjoy it“@HanisahKradi: @DannAriff let's watch Marimar! ;)” they call me Marimar ==" .. malu la dlm opis --" Marimar #nowwatching Omg marimar is on tv3 now! http://t.co/wSxAvlQz Dingdong! Trip over the border this evening...let's see how it goes. #Tijuana I don't want to sound rude, but is Manon dead or alive? Manon (de nuevo, otra vez): ¿Qué pasa ahí? La otra chica: Mejor aún. Entonces eres realmente estúpido porque realmente Paser por muerto+ RT: I hate the fact that everyone is talking about "Manon" and its false but nobody talk about Lydia who really died in a car accident! bless you lou♥ Don't hate on Louis for tweet Manon now... he had the decency to care. Hollie Rae Payne When Lou founds out that Manon isnt dead,he is going to turn into the sass queeen. Mrs Styhorapaylikson If Manon faked her death then fuck her she should die. If she really is dead then RIP bby. Till We Surrender What Louis is going to think about us as fans after he figures out Manon's death was fake is what scares me so much. Maybe my opinion on Manon might change if she's alive and faked her death.. BECAUSE cancer is never a joke. Death is never a joke either. -> Zepo dans mon lit ... Soirée arrosée ! #SachezLe Manon fournier † ES CIERTO QUE MANON ESTA MUERTA O NO? ES CIERTO QUE NO TENIA CANCER! QUE ALGUIEN ME CONTESSTEE! @StayStrong1997 ok my dm's aren't working but the Manon crap was fake, go to @ spin_thelouis cause she admits it there..I'm pre disgusted /: Manon no murió. Entonces eso significa que Lydia si. 'Manon got her dream, Louis tweeted her. Even though she wasnt here, she achieved it. Cancer didnt win, she did.' #RIPManon THIS If this Manon girl faked her death, that's really makes me upset because cancer is a serious thing and she should know that. ConstancioCutie♥ Manon is seriously getting on my nerves. Dude, death isn't a game.  On The Street GUYS DELETE ALL YOUR TWEETS TO LOUIS ABOUT MANON!!! HE'LL GO CRAZY PISSED!!! PLEASE?! RT PLEASE! #Mexico LMAO! #TrueStory "@Ro624 "#Gemini can be really pissed one minute and then be so calm and happy the next.” Roller coaster lol @marimar_love" I just ousted DIDI O. as the mayor of Comedor Yolanda on @foursquare! aww babe imy :l “@marimar_xo: Dam , I miss how last summer I was with my girls just everyday , doing something crazy lol” Dam , I miss how last summer I was with my girls just everyday , doing something crazy lol #Sweet!! "@AlanStein: I'm sitting here in Las Vegas watching the USA Olympic team warm-up for practice. #LivinTheDream" marimar wont make me food cause there's no food here lol im about to go next door and get some food from my aunt lol RT @justabitMOre: If you were to experience the thirst me and @Ken_Got_Yen just experienced walking through aventura lmfao Yen Yen confirms Aussie PR -  Ng Yen Yen willing to opt for Oz PR for son's educ says a lot of BN's claim 'Msia's best education' - well, better than US & UK. typical RT @MsiaChronicle: Malaysia goes after Scorpenes whistle-blower: NltlP2 Malaysia goes after Scorpenes whistle-blower: NltlP2 Malaysia goes after Scorpenes whistle-blower NgzTyb Msia goes after Scorpenes whistle-blower 7m5yq3y This is offensive to Msians - we are seeking answers, not haraasment. Malaysia goes after Scorpenes whistle-blower http://nblo.gs/zHKP5 SUARAM : We’re being harassed for Scorpenes NpnvdS Activists pack SUARAM office as CCM conducts raid: We're being harassed for Scorpenes NlEhdZ Activists pack SUARAM office as CCM conducts raid: We're being harassed for Scorpenes - Malaysia Chronicle  SUARAM : We are being harassed for Scorpenes trial | MsiaChronicle http://dlvr.it/1pSTYw #Malaysia Activists pack SUARAM office as CCM raids office: We are being harassed for Scorpenes trial  SCORPENES TIT-FOR-TAT: Suaram asked to clarify status as NGO http://dlvr.it/1nsDpj Umno will sink together with Scorpenes @MsiaChronicle: Sensational Malaysian submarine scandal resurfaces


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