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Monday, July 9, 2012

siling Starbucks di Paradigm Mall runtuh. adakah angkara Incredible Hulk?

I've never been to Paradigm Mall and it's already falling apart. Pukimak. Paradigm Mall is not safe anymore ! http://twitpic.com/a5n1l9 View photo Lolol sister is at Paradigm Mall.... Kah2 Paradigm Mall punya ceiling runtuh? Lol Paradigm Mall is not safe anymore ! http://twitpic.com/wSxAvlQz View photo Dah kate ✗ payah lepak Paradigm Mall. Lepak Mydin je suda. Mydin tu rare ape. HOH! mungkin sekarang Giant depan Paradigm Mall tengah tergelak sinis. #Paradigm Mall sumpah mall dia besar. best tu best. tp tk banyak ag kdai bukak sbb mall bru. ceiling collapsed in Paradigm Mall #onlyinmalaysia Starbucks's roof is collapsing in Paradigm Mall?? Are malls in Malaysia safe anymore? Geez now Paradigm Mall had a collapsed roof incident? kopi Starbucks perisa konkrit di Paradigm Mall eh? http://fb.me/1LEbfJtJd View photo seriously though, the quality of buildings is very poor paradigm .. Although on the opening day (maybe even before) i can see is a lot of cracks in the wall and the car park they have a lot of water dripping walawery ... the whole unit came down ... lol lucky no one was injured .... paradigm of shopping really condemn the first yo haunted elevator, the car park haunted and now a shopping center paradigm aircond units mystery ... never failed to come up with new tragicomedies come down tomorrow to lift a front end of the bar cutting machine a few weeks later the car park. Air conditioning system fall on a business site Strabuck at Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya yesterday .... This is due to the plaster ceiling had collapsed because it could not withstand a heavy load of the air conditioning system ... Fortunately, there is no left in the Starbuck .... Paradigm Mall is not safe anymore o.o Nak pergi Paradigm Mall........... My Paradigm Mall is unsafe now??!!!! Why??? wahhhh Paradigm Mall :D What's up with Paradigm Mall? Paradigm Mall tak selamat ? Pergi giant je lah why is Paradigm Mall trending lol Paradigm Mall - Air Condition fell http://twitpic.com/RmjstIan "@sharmineishak: So, an air-cond unit fell down from the ceiling at Paradigm Mall. Here's the pic you all need to see http://twitpic.com/a5lkyv" View photo 27m Sykez Tommy ‏@xiphlox Paradigm Mall trending as people are freaking out about the ceiling fell off http://twitpic.com/a5lkyv #FinalDestination gona happen there? :P View photo 28m brittleheart ‏@lacedwithscars So I heard about the Paradigm Mall thing. I was there yesterday. And the day before. O.O 30m ★ ツS. Anne♥ (◕‿◕✿) ‏@topmonster_   http://4sq.com/NiUAK1 from Damansara, Petaling 36m ISNA ♥ ‏@IsnaJohan See! What happened to Paradigm Mall http://twitpic.com/a5lkyv View photo 47m Alyssa Nazirah ‏@CherryBombalic Paradigm Mall looks like a big piece of chocolate to me 48m Toto kho ‏@Karenkh0 I'm at Paradigm Mall (Petaling Jaya, Selangor) w/ 20 others http://4sq.com/RKVErj View media 1h RosieJ ‏@rosieazreen Paradigm Mall !!! omaigawd so creepy okay 2h Adam Johnston ‏@adamosx Goes to Paradigm Mall, crushed by air conditioning unit. #BadLuckMalaysian 19m fahmi_fadzil ‏@fahmi_fadzil Can anyone verify? RT @imokman: Roof collapse at Starbucks in Paradigm Mall? http://bit.ly/LaGPOE can someone verify? 21m Ong Kian Ming ‏@imokman Roof collapse at Starbucks in Paradigm Mall? http://bit.ly/LaGPOE can someone verify? 29m Penyu senyum ‏@FarahFarif Omg Shannon was right o.o RT @almostaname: Unfortunately Paradigm Mall is not safe now. Sigh u_u http://twitpic.com/a5lkyv View photo 41m Yasmeen Fazeera ‏@MeenSam Paradigm Mall isn't safe anymore. 60% chances for us to experience our very own version of Final Destination there. 44m Mohamad Adam™ ‏@almostaname Unfortunately Paradigm Mall is not safe now. Sigh u_u http://twitpic.com/a5lkyv Hide photo Flag this media TwitPic 10 RETWEETS 1 FAVORITE 2:51 PM - 9 Jul 12 via Twitter for Android · Details 53m Farah Harith ‏@farahharith Paradigm Mall is getting one heck of a bashing online. Tu la, mall tak siap habis lagi dah nak bukak to public. Now pandai2 la main PR. 1h こうせいー(光聖) ‏@kousei_2207 so im slow, but apparently, Paradigm Mall in Malaysia are hiring magicians to fix the lift... and also an aircon system fell onto Starbucks 1h Aida Malissa ‏@aidamalissa ok bos! RT“@AarizZiqriSr: Aircond Paradigm Mall jatuh... http://nblo.gs/zGFRX”@aidamalissa You are so not going to this mall EVER AGAIN” 1h Andrew ‏@runningandrew Hey Hey Hey, another Paradigm Mall magic. This time, aircon jatuh. Luckily no1 was injured as it happened last night? http://bit.ly/MbTL8n 1h _ ‏@AzmanV2 Semua pakat nak boycott Curve la, Pyramid la, takut kena rompak. The true unsafe mall is Paradigm Mall. The chance u'll die there is higher 1h Hibat ‏@hibat RT @zullicious: Aircond dekat Starbucks Paradigm Mall terjatuh? Gila horror!» Maybe someone asked to bring down the temperature? 2h chedd eddie yusoff ‏@chedd i blame it on the Fire eaters and Lord Voldermot http://twitpic.com/a5lkyv aircond jatuh di Paradigm Mall Hide photo Flag this media TwitPic 2 RETWEET 1:00 PM - 9 Jul 12 via Tweet Button · Details 2h Megat Sharizal ‏@Megat_Sharizal @chedd u mean death eaters? 2h chedd eddie yusoff ‏@chedd @Megat_Sharizal hahahahaha ya Fire Eaters plak from Sungai Buloh, Petaling 3h Jonathan ‏@JonYKT What actually happened at Paradigm Mall. Hulk appeared. http://twitpic.com/a5lpxs Hide photo Flag this media TwitPic 12 RETWEETS 12:33 PM - 9 Jul 12 via TweetDeck · Details 3h Dan Khoo ‏@dan_khoo @JonYKT HAHAH u edited that? lmao 3h Jonathan ‏@JonYKT @dan_khoo Hahah yeah, did a quick one in 1 minute. 3h Jeremy Ian ‏@jcian135 HOOZAH! RT @sharmineishak: an air-cond unit fell down from the ceiling at Paradigm Mall. Here's the pic you: http://twitpic.com/a5lkyv Hide photo Flag this media TwitPic 4 RETWEETS 1 FAVORITE 12:22 PM - 9 Jul 12 via TweetDeck · Details 3h Sharmine Ishak ‏@sharmineishak So, an air-cond unit fell down from the ceiling at Paradigm Mall. Here's the pic you all need to see: http://twitpic.com/a5lkyv View photo 4h Pradeesh ‏@prasys Yep Paradigm Mall . Badly built , on a busy LDP and now the entire building is unstable.. Why developers don't plan 4h Pradeesh ‏@prasys Remember Paradigm Mall PR mishap about magic - yep it exists http://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/545130_10151904424000111_1364817907_n.jpg . Aircorn fell , i dont know how RT @calvin_khoo LDP 4 car accident heading towards damansara. Near Paradigm Mall. After shell station opposite giant. 3 Jul Fashion Fast Forward ‏@FashionFastFrwd Dorothy Perkins is opening on 4 July 2012 in Paradigm Mall! Check it out at Lot 32, Ground Flr. See you there! http://fb.me/1CxTO0BU7 Hide photo Flag this media Facebook 4 RETWEETS 3:21 PM - 3 Jul 12 via Facebook · Details 3 Jul Najib Naslly ‏@njbnsly16 Yeay wanna watch The Amazing Spider Man tomorrow at Paradigm Mall . hopefully tak ramai orang :) 3 Jul Meryll Chan ‏@MeryllChan Out with the party kaki to meet greenie. :) (@ Paradigm Mall w/ @do_cw) http://4sq.com/MPM9qc View media 3 Jul Farah Harith ‏@farahharith in the spirit of curbing parking lot crimes, one section of Paradigm Mall's parking went pitch black yday. kitorang siap keluar torch light. 3 Jul Syakirah Izzat ‏@Syakirahizzat I'm at Paradigm Mall (Petaling Jaya, Selangor) w/ 3 others http://4sq.com/LhcVJY View media 3 Jul RapidKL 03-78852585 ‏@MyRapidKL Travel conveniently to Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya via RapidKL LRT n Bus. Free shuttle bus to Paradigm Mall at LRT Kelana Jaya stn provided. 2 Jul Sharlene Ng ‏@sharlene_ng I'm at Paradigm Mall (Petaling Jaya, Selangor) w/ 16 others http://4sq.com/MOFdZh from Damansara, Petaling 2 Jul Emir Zulkharnain ‏@emrmz Grocery shopping with parents. BORONG time! (@ Paradigm Mall w/ 17 others) http://4sq.com/N6lKnD View media 2 Jul RapidKL 03-78852585 ‏@MyRapidKL Travel conveniently to Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya via RapidKL LRT / Monorail / Bus. FREE shuttle bus to Paradigm... http://fb.me/1rGkfYgj4 2 Jul joshuatly (Lien Yu) ‏@joshuatly I'm at Paradigm Mall (Petaling Jaya, Selangor) w/ 8 others http://4sq.com/N62EOo View media 1 Jul Jeremy Lim ‏@jeremy_lim I just saw a sign that read 'Four Season London Opening soon in Paradigm Mall'! Best duck rice in the world! Fckin excited! @Blink_LapSap I found it at Paradigm Mall @natalieeeong! Remember this? :D http://twitpic.com/a2nzg4 View photo RT @email2me: World’s First 8 Flavours Xiao Long Bao at Paradise Dynasty Now in Paradigm Mall PJ http://goo.gl/fb/vYwU3 it's either payday or they r avoiding the other "dangerous" malls “@btsenre: the crowd are overwhelming@ Paradigm Mall http://instagr.am/p/Mh6Uqyj8Td/” View photo Have you been to our Premium Concept Outlet in Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya, PJ? Click Like if you have, comment if... http://fb.me/1Fke3YbDm View media I'm at Paradigm Mall (Petaling Jaya, Selangor) w/ 36 others http://4sq.com/LbLyks View media Finally got to get out of the house! (@ Paradigm Mall w/ 33 others) [pic]: http://4sq.com/KTY0ny View media I want to go pavilion or Paradigm Mall :( Tryna get u on ur mobile @MoeNasrul Call me back :-) Imma be at Paradigm Mall layter so we could prolly meet there? Ciao! I'm at Paradigm Mall (Petaling Jaya, Selangor) w/ 13 others http://4sq.com/LNAoCl View media I just don't know why am I here :p (@ Paradigm Mall w/ 9 others) http://4sq.com/Nil3Ut I'm at Paradigm Mall (Petaling Jaya, Selangor) w/ 7 others http://4sq.com/MJXxTq from Damansara, Petaling Heading to Paradigm Mall later. Like finally!! :D Going to Paradigm Mall from Ampang lunch time. How do I get there? Errrr never been. HELP! Dropping sis at Paradigm Mall and off to ballet ;)

Laporan : 1 Jul IZ ‏@IZ0IAM2  1 Jul Whitney ‏@whitneylim 1 Jul Sharon Ng ‏@SharonnNg Princess Bubblegum. ‏@_VNAA 1m RIZΛLL SHAH ‏@RIIZVL 2m Tiffany Tan ‏@Tiffanytxp RT @fischalee: RT @MunieC: 1 Jul YI XUAN ★ ‏@kyuhxuan 1 Jul Caroline Ng May Ling ‏@carolinemayling 1 Jul gordon kho ‏@ohmygord 1 Jul Each A Cup Malaysia ‏@eachacupmy 1 Jul Syakirah Izzat ‏@Syakirahizzat 1 Jul Kelvin Tan ‏@uncleBotak 1 Jul Dinosaur Bailey ★ ‏@baileywoonnnn 1 Jul Shermaine Chow ‏@shermaineyee 1 Jul Fadhilah Zainuddin ♔ ‏@imfadhilah 1 Jul IZ ‏@IZ0IAM2 1 Jul wonderwoman ‏@youknowitsrita 11m Siew Qi Ying 蕭瑩 ღ ‏@lilying 4m SyeeraIsmi ‏@SyeeraIsmi 3m ♡BellaBellaBella♡ ‏@BellaRazr  2m Mirul Ismail ‏@aremierul 3m ⚡Muniwah⚡ ‏@MunieC 4m Adam ‏@adamSanwar5m Kevin Wong ‏@Kevinwkj 8m Siew Qi Ying 蕭瑩 ღ ‏@lilying 9m Sarah Z ‏@MsianFoodi 9m Nazri Ahmadeus ‏@nazriahmadeus 10m Nuryn. ‏@nuriynn 12m zaid abhadi ‏@zaidsoyzain13m Bazlee Bass ‏@BazChuckie 14m S.Ashraaf ✈ ‏@fiqashraaf 15m Meonanana ‏@HungryMeona 15m Andrew ‏@runningandrew 18m Betty Bea ‏@beatriceluma CRYSTAAAAL. ♥ ‏@CrystaalLky 6 Jul KL Traffic Update ‏@kltrafficupdate


ef.ae said...

lousy construction..

Blitzenius said...

takleh nak kata apa. nak cepat siap, tak pikir pasal safety first.

Anonymous said...

Apa lancau ko ni wey copy n paste forum lowyat?? Bangsat tak reti nak tulis sendiri ker? Bodoh.

Blitzenius said...

memang lancau. it's a collected random thoughts from twitter oso. i ada tulis kalau you baca hard enough.

Anonymous said...

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