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Sunday, September 16, 2012

#PrayForTeresa / RIP Teresa

Dear Teresa's family and azlan johari, stay strong and hope everything is fine with you guys. RIP Teresa.

RIP Teresa a.k.a @TeresaTINGTONG who died because of brain tumour. She was only fifteen. My age. She was a brave girl. teresa thien. gone too soon. you were such a good friend to me. i'm sorry we couldn't cheer together. you'll be missed... You were a fighter.

Dear Coldplay (the band), one of your biggest fans, @TeresaTINGTONG passed away this morning. It would be an honor to her if you know about this.

One minute evryone's "RIP Teresa", the next minute evryone's all "she's breathing/alive" Get your facts right pls, this is a serious matter


...WHO IS TERESA??????

according to Azlan Johari's (@azlanjohari ) tweet:

All I've ever wanted to is to meet you for the last time. But now? You're leaving to places I can't go yet. We promised each other many things, not to fight each other, meet up after her PMR. But I guess our promise cannot be fulfilled ;(
   5/5/1997 - 16/9/2012. You'll always be remembered Teresa. Rest in peace and I love you, the most.
   She's one of the greatest person I've ever met. If you can read this, I love you the most and you'll be remembered till the end of times. There's only one Thien Lai Kwan living on this Earth. But she's gone. I love you to the edge of the universe and back. 

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