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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tiket free ke Urbanscapes 2012 !!!

How? this is not a myth.

1. Cari Miss Didi Ramlan dan ambik gambar dengan dia : "If u wanna get free urbanscapes weekend passes from @LevisMY, go catch @MisDeeds; snap a picture with her at Levi's KLCC around 3-4pm!"

2. Dengan menghantar tweet : "I want a free weekend pass to #Urbanscapes from @TuneTalk ! #RT"

3. Boleh check laman web ( http://goforth.levi.com.my/update/the-levis-urbanscapes-giveaway/ ), Facebook atau Twitter Levi's Malaysia (‏@LevisMY) : "Want free @Urbanscapes passes? Check out their tweets for #UrbanPursuits tomorrow if you wanna win some! It's gonna be...special. ;)"

4. Dari siri 'treasure hunt' @Urbanscapes sendiri. Lihat klu di hasgtag Twitter #UrbanPursuits

5. Dengan mengambil gambar yang anda yang paling cool dan hantar ke laman web POSKOD.MY http://poskod.my/street-notes/competition-urbanscapes-weekend-passes/

6. Melalui laman Facebook Volkswagen Malaysia ( https://www.facebook.com/VolkswagenMalaysia )

7. Melalui Promo di page Says.myhttp://t.co/PTrl5ZTP )

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