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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sharifah Zohra Jabeen ( @SharifahZohraJ ), Bawani KS, Shasha Mendoza ( @ShashaMendoza), human trafficking and a problematic shark in one tank

mula-mula Dauzpoznen was like : "oh, great. here's another cerita sibuk budak sekolah Twitter. feed the comments!"

it wasn't.

Read carefully, "dari FORUM SUARA MAHASISWA : Seiringkah Mahasiswa dan Politik".

Anyway, Sharifah Zohra Jabeen juga adalah Timbalan Ketua Wanita KIMMA Kebangsaan, sebuah NGO pro UMNO/BN. That explains a lot. Oh, yes, I want a Galaxy Note but gimme back my mic!

lepas tu, ianya cerita bekas trending Twitter yang tersebar gambar bogelnya, not graduated into her thoughts on politics. Shasha Mendoza on The Star and Utusan to be exact...

Miss Shasha, you really have a nice great body but Miss Bavani got a point there. And Miss Shasha, you are a life proof that our education system has failed in teaching our kids the difference between state and government. Yes, calling someone stupid doesn't make you look clever but the case of you, asking someone to leave the country doesn't make you loyal either.

Humans and animals unite! Music & Video by Yuri Wong at The Factory Music Studio http://www.fb.com/thefactorymusicstudio

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