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Saturday, May 18, 2013

#OreoMillionMinutes : Sedangkan Biskut Oreo juga sayangkan anaknya...

A million minutes spent with your kids is still a million too little! 

Your family needs more than just daily hugs and kisses from you.
They need your presence, your time, your love. Come share and create precious moments with them by dedicating your time with us.

Owl City's Sickly-Sweet Oreo Commercial Jingle May Cause Gag Reflex

But what's remarkable about Owl City's jingle isn't that it exists. It's that it's so terrible, and keeps getting more terrible as it goes along. The Big Bad Wolf bringing the Three Little Pigs "cool stuff / To decorate the deck" is one thing, even if accompanied visually by (of course) Polaroids. Still, it gets worse: Young sings that "Creme does wondrous things / Inside a chocolate sandwich dream," and then imagines great white sharks sharing the cookies with baby seals.

Oreos are a tasty treat, but Mad Men's great fictional ads are always rooted in Draper's real-life emotions or experience. We've never dunked an Oreo and pictured a hug from a cartoon squid.

For possibly the first time in our lives, the thought of a cookie just made us throw up in our mouths a little.


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Thaqif Abd Aziz said...

Oreo pun sayangkan anak, apatah lagi manusia :')

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