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Thursday, July 10, 2014

ONE UTAMA @1 UTAMA Shopping Mall Terbakar (Lagi)

Ingat lagi One Utama Shopping Mall @  1Utama Shopping Centre yang terbakar tahun lepas? Ia berlaku lagi pagi tadi di bahagian food court. Tiada kemalangan jiwa yang berlaku. Berikut ialah laporan dari HYPE.MY:

" Around 9:30am this morning, it was reported that a minor fire broke out at One Utama Shopping Centre at Bandar Utama.

Various sources reported seeing smoke emerge from the shopping mall this morning when they were on the LDP. From the picture, it looks like the fire broke out at One Utama’s new wing. The fire was seen from afar as well. The actual cause of the fire is not known yet but so far there has been no reports of any injury or major damage to the building. However, the fire caused a minor traffic jam at Bandar Utama too.


A source has informed us that the fire has since been put out. Citing Damansara Bomba, it was also confirmed that there were no casualties (thank goodness!) and that the fire was pretty minor. The reason for the smoke was because it came from an oil-coated kitchen exhaust in the food court.

Guys, it’s all under control! And if you were worried that Camp 5 would be affected, well, worry no more."

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