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Friday, August 8, 2014

Kritikan Kapten Nik Huzlan, bekas pilot terhadap pengurusan MAS #MH17 #MH370

This used to be Business. It is now Personal.

My Message to the MAS Management;

Leave please. Do the Honorable thing. You've already made your bundle. Your future is assured. Your wealth is certain. Please leave. Please do not be a stumbling block to the survival of MAS. Please allow this company to live again. Just GO.

Under this Management MH is anything but Malaysian Hospitality.

MH = Musnah Harapan. MH = Memang Hancur. MH = Mati Habis.

MAS started to get into trouble again after Idris Jala ( best of the lot actually ) handed the reins to Tengku Azmil, a polite well mannered man who is wet behind the ears and is an excellent NO.2 man. NO. 1 he is not. He listens to everyone and seems shy to make a decision. Incidentally the last year MAS employees received bonuses was under Idris Jala. Having seen many CEO changes, Idris was the one who could have made the difference.

Azmil made questionable business decisions, but not because he's dishonest, probably because of bad advice. He had to leave after losing more than a billion. I will always remember him for not taking my advise on the Al Wafeer issue, losing MAS many many millions.

AJ came in as the saviour of MAS. I don't know him as I retired before he came in.

A man of impeccable reputation, he refused to accept any title and comes with integrity tied to his name. Sadly, it quickly became apparent that the running of an Airline is not a game he plays well. He did many things that gave the perception of incompetence, sometimes bordering on lunacy. He left MASWings to be managed by a Corporate Politician, who stayed in KL while the total operation was in Sabah and Sarawak. He brought in highly paid foreigners, employed dubious sales tactics, sold below cost to fill seats, and under his watch, three planes were lost in less than 9 months. The airline bled to the tune of RM 3million a day. His 'quiet humble' style seems at odds as an airline CEO. The staff are totally demoralised with the lack of 'contact' and visibility.

In the case of MH17, the CEO was not heard and never seen. He is also the only CEO the loyal MAS staff picketed against, something that has never happened in MAS history ever.

MAS is dead.

30 years + of loving service vis-a-vis and these bunch of clowns wrecked the jewel of Malaysia.

All the Bosses who failed leading MAS left with no personal impact to themselves, being always well taken care on exit. Even the exMD of Firefly is taken under Khazanah wings. In other words, they never reaped what they sowed. Accountability is only used against the lower ranking MAS Staff. And the majority of the excellent staff of MAS were left to pick up the pieces.

Every A/C Lease deal MAS loses, be it Lease in or Lease out. Except one where MAS won. ( another story there ). We helped set up Jet Airways, Royal Air Cambodge, Myanmar Airways ; all those deals MAS lost out but certain personnel in MAS gained.

Every analyst we read apportioned blame to the MAS Unions. All of them wrong. As I have said many times, from Day 1, the Union is only as Strong as the Management is weak. MAS had weak Management, hence they cannot handle the Union. Management incompetencies gives the Union strength to resist.

The Government can do what they want, but without the right leadership, cycle will repeat in a few years.

You maybe wondering why I am vocal about this; Read Below ;

I do not know what will happen to my Retirement Benefits after my 30 years service with MAS if the Company is declared bankrupt. These half-past-6 Management screwed not just the current airline staff, but also the staff who have given decades of service, and stuck with the airline thru thick and thin, even when they can earn more money elsewhere.

As we watch, the Management, right on the dot by midnight 24th of this month, like all other months, will get their fat salary from the very Corporation the screwed.

Where is the justice?

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