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Saturday, August 9, 2014

[MOVIE ADDICT] Save The Date (2012)

Pengarah U-Wei Bin Haji Saari jarang sekali menulis atau mengulas tentang filem di dalam Facebook miliknya, apatah lagi filem tempatan (kalau pernah jumpa dia mesti faham kenapa...), dan selalunya dia akan menulis tentang banyak perkara: New York, muzik, seni tampak. Jadi agak menarik juga bila sesekali dia berkongsi tentang filem yang ditontonnya seperti di bawah:

Just fancy that: this cute American film 'Save The Date' (2012) directed by Michael Mohan (reminds me 80's French films that's filled with cute French girls and cute French problems' yes penat jugak like Rohmer's) but here boosted for being produced by producers of 'The Kids Are Alright', 'Waitress' and 'Garden State'; drama stuff Sundance will swallow and gonna be aped by wannabes from Indonesia and Malaysia young ones. Anyway, there's a character (Jonathan) who makes a point to see live rock groups with 'wolves' in their names: Wolfmother, Wolf Parade, Wolf Eyes, Wolf & Cub, Peanut Butter Wolf, Peter Wolf, Patrick Wolf, Alfa Wolf, Sea Wolf, Los Lobos and he missed Steppenwolf. Interestingly two more groups with 'wolf' and new albums this month: The Ghost Wolves - 'Man, Woman, Beast' and Wolves in the Throne Room -'Celestite'. Interesting obsession.

Directed by Michael Mohan
Written by Jeffrey Brown, Egan Reich, Michael Mohan
Cast: Lizzy Caplan as Sarah, Alison Brie as Beth, Martin Starr as Andrew, Geoffrey Arend as Kevin Mark Webber as Jonathan.
Release dates: January 22, 2012 ( Sundance Film Festival), November 8, 2012 (internet)
Running time: 98 minutes

Plot: Sarah begins to confront her shortcomings after she rejects her boyfriend's hasty proposal and soon finds herself in a rebound romance. Meanwhile, her sister Beth is immersed in the details of her wedding.

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