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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kasi apps: Treat a friend

A new gifting experience.
Kasi is a new, easy and fun way to treat friends with gift cards from your favourite or newly discovered brands.

Pick friends from facebook and select the gifts you would like to treat them with.
Surprise them over facebook, email or sms. Gifts are sent instantly and can be redeemed right away at the store.

Oh yeah, did we mention most of the gifts are free?
Select a friend. Treat on the go.Choose friends from Facebook whom you would like to treat

Hang out, reconnect, or to celebrate with the company of others.
Good times are made of these!

Choose a gift. Personalize and send.Be it a celebration, to surprise or delight, there are interesting gifts tucked around the Kasi-sphere.

We are pretty sure everyone will enjoy receiving them, including you.

Take your pick from our host of brands in food, fashion, entertainment or services.

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