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Sunday, February 8, 2015

ROAD TO RAMLEE lakonan Iedil Putra, Christina Suzanne, Awang Masrin, Bo Amir Iqram

ROAD TO RAMLEE. Drama 4 minit sebanyak 4 episod oleh 4 pemuda, mencari Ramlee‪ arahan Rewan Ishak kini memasuki episod kedua dan boleh ditonton di www.youtube.com/Samsungmalaysia

Menurut Rewan: "Road To Ramlee ‬will be released online on Samsung Malaysia youtube channel starting from 28 January. It's not a feature film for cinema release, it's a web film (4 parts & will be released weekly). So you don't have to go to cinema or check cinema listing. It's free. Make sure you share it online after you watch it. There will be an activation code in each episode that you need to unlock to watch the music video and download the final song from the band for free in the 4th week. Thanks for the support. For better viewing pleasure, buy a‪ Samsung Note 4‬ with WQHD display. Majulah filem & muzik untuk negara."

PLOT: In the hustle bustle of modern Kuala Lumpur, 4 friends: Adam, Reza, Haris and Jonny inspired by their common respect for the late P. Ramlee, are part of a 4-piece musical tribute band, The Un4gotten.

Hoping to become legends in their own right, they embark together on a journey in search of their own true voice, powered by the Samsung GALAXY Note 4.

Road to Ramlee dilakonkan oleh Iedil Putra, Christina Suzanne, Awang Masrin, Bo Amir Iqram dan Sean Lee.

Hashtag: #‎roadtoramlee‬

#SamsungNote4 presents #RoadToRamlee. Meet Adam, Reza, Haris & Jonny from The Un4gotten. Their journey begins January 28. Exclusively on @samsungmobilemy official youtube channel. ‪

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