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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[ULASAN FILEM] Avengers: Age of Ultron

Ulasan ringkas penulis kami, Nazri Ahmadeus tentang filem AVENGERS : AGE OF ULTRON (melalui Instagram ) selepas premiere filem ini semalam di GSC 1Utama: "Sambil menikmati biskut Asgard sbg hidangan lewat malam post premiere #Avengers #AgeofUltron, filem ini boleh dirumuskan sbg penuh dengan elemen kasih sayang, kali ini Avengers AoU meneroka tema kekeluargaan dgn lebih mendalam yg tiada dlm filem2 MCU sebelum ini kecuali dlm Thor (tapi itu lebih kepada broken family dan gila kuasa) dan bakal dikembangkan lagi melalui Ant-Man. Ia juga sebuah cereka tentang makhluk yg mempersoalkan penciptanya (no, im not refering to that robot or AI per se)."

Plot: Apabila program keselamatan yang dicipta oleh Tony Stark menjadi tidak terkawal dan kejadian tidak diingini berlaku, Tony, Thor, Hulk dan rakan pasukan Avengers lain kembali bergabung serta dua lagi individu baru yang mempunyai kuasa luar biasa iaitu Pietro dan Wanda Maximoff. Dunia kini bergantung kepada pasukan Avengers untuk menentang Ultron yang mahu menghapuskan manusia dari muka bumi.

Klasifikasi: P13
Genre: Aksi / Pengembaraan / Fantasi
Pengarah: Joss Whedon
Pelakon: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders, Samuel L. Jackson, James Spader, Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON ditayangkan di pawagam seluruh Malaysia secara rasmi mulai hari ini, terbitan Marvel Studios, edaran Walt Disney Pictures Malaysia.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Facebook BACKSTAGE.MY kini mencecah 500 Likes!

Terima kasih buat yang menyokong BACKSTAGE.MY

[TRAILER FILEM] Sinister: Warning (2015)

Sekuel kepada filem horror tahun 2012, Sinister bakal keluar pada 21 Ogos 2015. Dilakonkan oleh Shannyn Sossamon sebagai Courtney manakala James Ransone kembali sebagai Deputy melalui filem pertamanya. Pengarah asal Scott Derrickson hanya kembali sebagai penulis cerita manakala Ciaran Foy mengambil alih tugasnya sebagai pengarah.

Saksikan teaser trailer di bawah:

Sinister 2 (working title: Sinister - Warning)
Directed by Ciaran Foy
Produced by Jason Blum, Scott Derrickson, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones
Written by Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill
Starring: Shannyn Sossamon, James Ransone
Cinematography: Amy Vincent
Edited by Ken Blackwell
Production company: eOne Entertainment, Automatuik Entertainment, Blumhouse Productions
Distributed by Focus Features

Plot: A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that is marked for death.


Dari studio animasi terkemuka Pixar lahirnya filem animasi "Inside Out" yang mengisahkan tentang perspektif berkenaan emosi dalaman dalam buah fikiran seorang gadis. Filem ini telah ditulis oleh Michael Arndt dan Pete Docter sendiri yang juga bertindak sebagai seorang pengarah untuk filem animasi ini.Filem ini juga menggunakan alih suara bintang ternama seperti Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, John Ratzenberger, Lewis Black dan ramai lagi.

Klasifikasi: NA
Genre: Pengembaraan / Animasi
Tarikh Tayangan: 20 Ogos 2015
Pengarah: Pete Docter
Pelakon: Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, MindyKaling, Bill Hader, Phyllis Smith

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pelancaran Kedai Buku Fixi

Pelancaran Kedai Fixi pada 11 April 2015, jam 3-5 petang di Level 4 Jaya Shopping Centre, Seksyen 14 PJ.

Buku baru yang diterbitkan iaitu Lari, Pentas dan Brazil juga menanti korang (dan juga beg comel)!

[PERADUAN] The Script LIVE in Malaysia 2015

Hey all, so we’ve heard you want some tickets to see The Script LIVE in Malaysia on 19th April 2015 at Malawati Indoor Stadium, Shah Alam? You asked and we answered!

Here’s your chance to win yourself a pair of tickets (worth RM255 each) to catch them LIVE in Malaysia!

See how:
1. LIKE us (Sony Music Malaysia page on FB – www.facebook.com/sonymusicmy )
2. Purchase ‘‘No Sound without Silence’’ on iTunes – http://apple.co/14Un2z6
3. Tell us the first song you know about The Script by completing the following sentence: The first song I heard from The Script was____. The song ……. (Tell us what’s so special about this song in less than 30 words)
4. Print screen the top part of Sony Music Malaysia official FB page.
5. Submit your full details (full name, IC, contact number, address, age) together with your iTunes e-receipt as proof of purchase & the FB page screenshot to - contest.my@sonymusic.com

* Closing date for entries: 11th April 2015 (Saturday)
* Announcement of winners: 14th April 2015 (Tuesday)

Hurry! Don’t miss the chance to catch one of the world best pop rock bands LIVE in Malaysia! We’ve got 3 pairs of tickets UP FOR GRAB!

T&C applied!

#TheScript latest album – No Sound Without Silence is available on: Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1ynSBy4 Deezer: http://bit.ly/1yJea7W KKBox: http://kkbox.fm/JU03Kz


Brought to you by:
New Dutch Lady PureFarm unveiled, anchoring in
Royal FrieslandCampina NV’s 140 years of Dutch dairy farming heritage and expertise

Kuala Lumpur, 19 March 2015 – Leading dairy producer Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (Dutch Lady Malaysia) today re-launched its market leading ready-to-drink milk under the new name of Dutch Lady PureFarm with a refreshed packaging design.

The name Dutch Lady PureFarm is inspired by the 140 years of Dutch dairy heritage and expertise of its parent company Royal FrieslandCampina to bring delicious, nutritious and quality milk products to consumers around the world and here in Malaysia.

For more than 50 years, Dutch Lady Malaysia has been committed to help Malaysians move forward in life with trusted dairy nutrition, leveraging on its Netherlands-based parent company’s heritage and expertise in producing quality milk.

According to Anja Henze, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia, Malaysians have loved the delicious taste of Dutch Lady ready-to-drink milk for many years, making it the number 1 brand in the category.1 “With the nutritious goodness of milk, we are proud to be able to help Malaysian mothers build strong families along the way,” she said.

Royal FrieslandCampina is one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives, owned by more than 19,000 member dairy farmers. Through generations of dedicated farming, member farmers have accumulated experience and refined skills and knowledge of producing quality dairy products that retain the delicious taste and nutritional values of milk to benefit families all around the world.

Dutch Lady Malaysia brings this commitment alive through Dutch Lady PureFarm, so that Malaysian families too can enjoy the same quality standards of milk that Dutch farmers share with their families.

Henze emphasised that Dutch Lady products are produced based on a singular global standard called FOQUS, developed at the company’s Dutch headquarters. It is a holistic audit and inspection approach that covers every point of the supply chain, from raw milk to product and to distribution to the market.

“With FOQUS, strict requirements are enforced to ensure all our products and the way they are produced meet our own high standards on food safety, quality, labour safety and environment, just like those practised in the Netherlands,” Henze said.

All Dutch Lady products are produced with strict manufacturing processes that adhere to local and international laws and regulations.2 They are also Halal-certified by JAKIM to give Muslim consumers peace of mind as they enjoy dairy nutrition.

On how milk can help Malaysia build strong families, Henze said: “Dutch Lady PureFarm is about the wholesome goodness of milk, and will help Malaysian mothers support the holistic development of strong families by providing essential nutrients that the body requires each and every day.”

Speaking at the unveiling of Dutch Lady PureFarm, Dutch Lady Malaysia’s Corporate Nutritionist Loo Mei Fong said that essential nutrients are nutrients that cannot be produced by the body, or at least not fast enough to meet our physiological needs.

“We need to obtain essential nutrients from our food. They include protein which is essential for growth and development;3 calcium, which aids in the development of strong bones and teeth;4 Vitamin A which is essential for the functioning of the eyes;5 Vitamin B2 that is needed for the release of energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins;6 and Vitamin D3 that helps in the absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus,7 ” said Loo.

Loo added that a recommended serving of two glasses of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk a day helps to fulfil an adult’s daily nutrient requirement, thus providing balanced nutrition for the family.

Dutch Lady PureFarm milk comes in a variety of delicious flavours, from Fresh milk, Full Cream milk and Low Fat High Calcium milk, to Chocolate, Strawberry and Coffee flavoured milk. It is available in three formats; UHT (ultra-high temperature)8, pasteurised and sterilized milk, and in various sizes.9

To celebrate the national launch of Dutch Lady PureFarm, a series of fun and exciting on-ground activities has been planned for the entire family. These activities will be held at LG floor Oval, 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Selangor (18 to 22 March); Queensbay Mall in Penang (26 to 29 March); and Mydin in Seremban 2 (1 to 3 May). There will also be roadshows happening nationwide.

During these roadshows, consumers would be able to experience the Dutch Lady Farmland to understand the heritage and dedication behind Dutch Lady PureFarm milk. Consumers can be transported to a dairy farm through Oculus technology and feed the cow via augmented reality! There are other fun-filled activities that families can play together and win attractive prizes.

For more details about Dutch Lady PureFarm products and roadshows, like our page on www.facebook.com/spread.the.goodness.of.milk or go to www.dutchlady.com.my.

[TELEMOVIE] Aku, Dia dan Tong Gas

Di TV9 sekarang sedang ditayangkan telemovie Aku, Dia dan Tong Gas arahan Megat Sharizal (Terbaik Dari Langit). Telemovie bergenrekan komedi romantik ini merupakan sambungan kepada telemovie Aku, Dia dan Tong Sampah lakonan Beto Kusyairy, Siti Saleha, Amerul Affendi, Nadiya Nisaa, Zaidi Omar dan Fauziah Nawi.

Playground Productions presents Aku, Dia & Tong Gas
Director: Megat Sharizal
Script: Nadia Khan & Megat Sharizal
D.O.P: Am Izham
OST by: Liyana Fizi
Casts: Beto Kusyairy, Siti Saleha, Fauziah Nawi, Zaidi Omar, Nadiya Nisaa, Amerul Affendi

Isnin | 6 April | 8.30mlm | TV9

Plot: Aku, Dia dan Tong Sampah mengisahkan dua insan, Sharnaz dan Amir yang baru sahaja putus cinta. Mereka bertemu ketika hendak membuang surat cinta bekas kekasih mereka di tempat pembuangan sampah. Mereka telah berjanji akan membantu antara satu sama lain untuk menawan semula hati bekas kekasih mereka, hanya untuk menemui cinta yang baru.

Plot: Aku, Dia dan Tong Gas mengisahkan hubungan Amir and Sharnaz yang ketikaitu telahpun berkahwin. Mereka mengambil keputusan untuk berbulan madu di kampung bersama Tok Wan. Semuanya berjalan dengan lancar sehinggalah Sharnaz bertemu Melati, rakan lama Amir.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Keputusan penuh Anugerah Bintang Popular BH 2014 / ABPBH 2014


7.30 malam: Karpet Merah
9.00 malam: Acara Kemuncak

Kategori Utama ABPBH 2014
Anugerah Bintang Paling Popular ABPBH 2014 - Shaheizy Sam
Artis Baharu Lelaki Popular - Hafreez Adam
Artis Baharu Wanita Popular - Ayda Jebat
Pengacara TV Lelaki Popular - Datuk Aznil Nawawi
Pengacara TV Wanita Popular - Neelofa
Penyanyi Lelaki Popular - Akim
Penyanyi Wanita Popular - Adira
Pelakon TV Lelaki Popular - Shah Iskandar
Pelakon TV Wanita Popular - Nad Zainal
Pelakon Filem Lelaki Popular - Shaheizy Sam
Pelakon Filem Wanita Popular - Siti Saleha
Artis Komedi Lelaki Popular - Abam
Artis Komedi Wanita Popular - Didie Alias
Penyampai Radio Lelaki Popular - Johan (Era)
Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular -Fara Fauzana (Hot)

Kategori Online ABPBH 2014
Personaliti Popular - Faiz Dickie
Artis Paling Kontroversi - Sharnaaz Ahmad
Pasangan Selebriti Romantis - Awal Ashaari dan Scha Alyahya
Artis Lelaki Stailo - Zul Ariffin
Artis Wanita Stailo - Datuk Siti Nurhaliza
Gandingan Serasi Di Layar - Zul Ariffin dan Ayda Jebat

Ashraf Muslim Sekeluarga Rai Harijadi Anak Pertama, termasuk isteri pertama


Budak perempuan 6 tahun mati jatuh dari tingkat 5 di Kenanga Wholesale City

"There's not a year that goes by, not a year, that I don't read about some escalator accident involving some bastard kid which could have easily been avoided had some parent -- I don't care which one --but some parent conditioned him to fear and respect that escalator!" -Brodie, Mallrats (1995)

Berita terkini budak mati jatuh di KenangaWholesale City Mall pada 3 April 2015. Menerusi laman sosial, kini tersebar foto seorang kanak-kanak perempuan yang berusia 6 tahun maut jatuh dari tingkat 5 susulan tergelincir dari eskalator pusat beli belah terbabit. Difahamkan, insiden dipercayai kira-kira pada pukul 3.00 petang Jumaat ketika kanak-kanak malang berkenaan terlebih dulu bermain di kawasan sekitar eskalator sebelum terjatuh dari ketinggian lima tingkat. Mangsa maut serta merta susulan mengalami kecederaan parah dibahagian kepala.

Mangsa yang dikenali sebagai Nurhayada Sofia Musa maut di tempat kejadian kerana kecederaan parah di kepala.Menurutnya, siasatan awal polis mendapati bahawa kanak-kanak tersebut jatuh dari tingkat dua hingga ke aras bawah tempat meletak kenderaan.Kanak-kanak terbabit bersama ibu bapanya dikatakan bermain di sekitar eskalator sebelum terjatuh dari ketinggian lima tingkat.Kes itu diklasifikasikan sebagai kematian mengejut dan mayat kanak-kanak itu dihantar ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur untuk bedah siasat.

JUDIKA, CAKRA KHAN & MARCELL di Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur’s Secretaries’ Week LUNCHEON

Semalam di sidang media bersama JUDIKA, CAKRA KHAN & MARCELL yang bakal membuat persembahan di Hotel Istana sempena Minggu Setiausaha pada 1 April 2015.

Come to Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur’s Secretaries’ Week LUNCHEON And win 3 Rafflesia’s Pearl Necklaces each worth RM5,000, Fareeda Tudung plus other prizes! And you will also meet 3 super stars JUDIKA, CAKRA KHAN & MARCELL. Get your tickets now!

Contact 03 2141 99888 ext 3760 or email to marcom@hotelistana.com.my or sitinurida@hotelistana.com.my

Friday, April 3, 2015

[TAKZIAH] Mama Juwie meninggal dunia

‪Al Fatihah ‬buat Allahyarham Haji Abdul Jalil Haji Salleh a.k.a Mama Juwie, wartawan veteran dan penulis lirik yang telah kembali ke rahmatullah sebentar tadi. Semoga ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orangberiman. AMIN.

Selain menulis untuk majalah URTV, ruangan Pancaindera kelolaannya di akhbar Utusan di akhir tahun 80'an banyak membantu perkembangan muzik rock kapak. Tapi dia tak pernah dapat kredit.

Menurut Hafiz Hamidun melalui tweetnya: Mesej terakhir dari Arwah Mama Juwie, selepas saya pulang umrah dahulu. Al Fatihah. Salam Ke Syurga."

Menurut akhbar Utusan, beliau meninggal dunia kira-kira pukul 10.30 malam tadi di Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM), Cheras di sini selepas koma hampir dua ming­gu akibat komplikasi pelbagai penyakit termasuk kanser prostat. Juwie, 62, dimasukkan ke HUKM pertengahan Mac lalu dan menjalani rawatan penyakit berkenaan sebelum dipindahkan ke Unit Rawatan Rapi (ICU) apabila kesihatannya semakin terjejas.

Juwie memulakan perkhidmatannya sebagai wartawan di akhbar Berita Harian pada 1974 sebelum menyertai Utusan Malaysia pada 1984 dan kemudian menjadi Pengarang Majalah Mangga pada 1995 di syarikat yang sama sehinggalah bersara pada 8 Julai 2008. Semasa hayatnya, Juwie begitu berbakat dan kreatif dalam bidang penulisan lirik lagu. Keunggulannya dalam bidang penulisan lirik begitu terserlah sehingga karyanya pernah diangkat sebagai Juara Lagu pada 1988 melalui lagu Kau Kunci Cintaku Dalam Hatimu ciptaan Datuk Ahmad Nawab, nyanyian Ramlah Ram. Antara penyanyi terkenal lain yang pernah mendapat sentuhan kreativiti Juwie di dalam lagu adalah Datuk Jamal Abdillah, Alleycats, Norsheila Amin, Siti Fairuz, Nassier Wahab, Shidee, kumpulan Gersang, Spring dan May.

Selepas bersara daripada dunia akhbar, Juwie banyak melibatkan diri dengan kerja-kerja amal, termasuk terlibat dengan agensi yang membawa jemaah mengerjakan umrah di tanah suci Mekah.

Setahun dua ini, Arwah Mama Juwie adalah orang yang amat berminat untuk mendalami ilmu agama. Arwah pernah minta untuk sertai usrah bersama.

Turut menziarahi jenazah Allahyarham di HUKM ialah Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan Utusan, Datuk Abdul Aziz Ishak. Jenazah Allahyarham akan dikebumikan di sebelah pusara ibunya di Selayang Baru, dijangka pukul 9 pagi ini. Salam takziah buat ahli keluarganya.


AC Music Entertainment proudly presents “DEMI LOVATO: DEMI WORLD TOUR LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR 2015” on 4th May 2015, 7 PM at KL Live.

Since her first appearance in Malaysia in 2013, Demi Lovato, a multi-talented, and platinum-selling record artiste, is finally returning to Malaysia with her fourth headlining concert tour, “DEMI LOVATO: DEMI WORLD TOUR LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR 2015”. Malaysia will be the second stop in Asia for Demi’s world tour after Singapore.

With numerous mega hits such as, “Let It Go”, “Skyscraper”, “Heart Attack”, “Give Your Heart A Break”, “Neon Lights”, and her current single, “Nightingale” under her belt, Demi will be putting up an exciting performance line-up for her first full-scale concert in Malaysia.

Join Demi for a night of stellar performance at her “DEMI LOVATO: DEMI WORLD TOUR LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR 2015” this May 4th.

Tickets Available at www.ticketpro.com.my

Avengers: Age of Ultron - poster karakter dan feature Quicksilver dan Scarlet Witch

Marvel Studios telah mendedahkan poster karakter untuk 2 watak baru yang bakal diperkenalkan melalui filem Avengers: Age of Ultron iaitu Quicksilver dan Scarlet Witch. Saksikan video feature dibawah yang menampilkan temubual dengan pengarah, Josh Whedon tentang dua watak ini.

Filem Avengers: Age of Ultron akan mulai ditayangkan di Malaysia mulai 23 April 2015, edaran Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Pictures Malaysia.

Poster AVENGERS: Age of Ultron edisi IMAX

Filem Avengers: Age of Ultron akan mulai ditayangkan di Malaysia mulai 23 April 2015, edaran Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Pictures Malaysia.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gerhana Ska Cinta lancar single Ratu, album Best Of

Dari Instagram Gerhana Ska Cinta:

"Salam. To our loyal supporters out there, here's some good news for you. We have released our THE BEST OF GERHANA SKA CINTA album. Ada 2 lagu baru, RATU and another (unreleased track) ANDAI. Ratu is quite an emotioal song, composed by Edy J Herwan. Buat sementara waktu, you can ONLY download these 2 songs from KKBOX. Insya Allah will shoot for the music video soon. So sementara tunggu updates, jemput ambik feel lirik lagu RATU ni dulu. Kalau korang ada RATU di hati korang tu, mak ke, bini ke, anak ke, you may want to tag them here. Or dedicate this lyrics to them. Why not? :-D Pray & express your ♥ everyday before its too late. ;-) Feel free to repost/share this. Selamat bercuti & Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating.

Photo credit : Ahmad Cipoi
Edy J is wearing Brutus Trimfit by Hardwork Klang Kalley

NOTA: Pemain dram Gerhana Ska Cinta, Bakri ialah abang kepada pelakon, Emma Maembong.

[PERCUMA] Promosi Avengers: Age Of Ultron / MBO Cinemas. Rantai kunci Avengers percuma!

#CountdownToUltron Promosi Avengers: Age Of Ultron / MBO Cinemas buat ahli MBO Starclub. Rantai kunci Avengers percuma!

Layari: http://www.allstar.mbocinemas.com/r/lk/v/NjA0NDg6MTUwNDI2OmxzdDpzNQ--

Get a complimentary keychain when you purchase Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron
movie tickets now!

Hurry, promotion ends in 3 days (5 April 2015) !

* Terms & Conditions•
The promotion is only valid for advance online puchase.
• Promotion period is from 19 Feb - 5 April 2015.
• Each transaction with a minimum purchase of two (2) Marvel’s Avengers Age Of Ultron movie tickets will be entitled to one (1) keychain,while stocks last.
• Instruction on redemption of the keychain will be sent to all eligible online purchaser before 10th April 2015.
• Each ALLSTAR member is only entitled to one (1) keychain.

[NOVEL] Brazil tulisan terbitan Buku Fixi

Penerbit novel Fixi, Amir Muhammad melalui Facebooknya berkongsi novel terbaru terbitan syarikatnya bertajuk BRAZIL:

"Last year we sponsored a Malaysian writer to spend a month in Brazil during the World Cup. The writer was chosen because he's not that interested in football. The book starts selling next week."

Jualan novel‪ ‎BRAZIL‬ oleh‪ Ridhwan Saidi ‬bermula 10 April.

#‎BRAZIL‬ #‎RidhwanSaidi #Fixi #BukuFixi‬

Video muzik Elizabeth Tan - Knock Knock akhirnya dilancarkan

Elizabeth Tan - Knock Knock (Official Music Video)
Directed by: Sam Kuman • Produced by: Replay Pictures

Elizabeth Tan is an artiste under Faithful Music


Maxis Caller Ringtones: Dial *131*432529# and press CALL/SEND
Celcom Call Me Tones: Dial *888*231409# and press CALL/SEND
DiGi Caller Tunes: Dial *233*1801589# and press CALL/SEND
U Mobile Colour Tones: Dial *118*5*2*613513# and press CALL/SEND

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