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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Negro kaki pukau di KL Sentral, tipu orang sampai RM600, berjaga-jaga

Yesterday early in the morning when i at KL Sentral. This one foreigner called his name "Hafiz" said he "lost" his wallet. Firstly, I try to avoid but he said "Islam help among each other. I know you're Islam because you answer my salam. Please help me brother. I need to go back to UTP." He keep using such beautiful Islamic word such as "Alhamdulillah, Masya Allah, Ramadhan is time to make more good deeds, Subhanallah n etc. " I don't know why I keep help him from KL Sentral to Mid Valley. It's like I'm under his "spell" I don't remember how I can give my money about RM600 to him. He ask me my bank account number and give me his telephone no 0146328403 and ask to take his picture as a simbol of "trust" that he will pay me back. As soon as I "awake", he already gone. So I quickly make a police report.

The moral of the story... To student out there please be alert with this particular person. Don't let your family or close friends to be the next victim. Please share in FB, Wechat, WS, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and any other social network. Viral till this culprit arrested. Any info if you wanna ask please do ask me at 0124206769 (Cam)


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