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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Akhirnya 'Zahra' dalam Saya Zahra mengaku sendiri bahawa beliau sebenarnya kakitangan Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu Bersatu (MTEM). Ada beberapa komen saya yang telah diposkan ke Twitter dan izinkan saya menggariskannya di sini:

1. Using Zahra to put forth MTEM 'proposal' is a wrong public relations move. They should've vetted her. Or wait until the proposal is ready.

2. MTEM was putting a 'show' for TPM as a so called 'prelude' to the upcoming proposal, which objective is lost with Zahra's whining.

3. If MTEM wanted to use Zahra as the poster girl, they should have thoroughly went through the speech text to ensure points are solid.

4. Zahra has an attitude problem which contradicts with whatever 'cause' she's pursuing,which is clearly reflected in her social media posts.

5. Zahra is being very defensive and trying to garner sympathy after her fiery attempts are ridiculed. Why aren't MTEM PR team advising her?

6. If MTEM really serious in using Zahra as their poster girl, they could've at least assigned a PR agency to answer on her behalf.

7. In all, #sayaZAHRA is a backfired Public Relations attempt to push MTEM's proposal later on. It could've worked if they're more meticulous in their planning.

As a professional and sincere advice to Zahra, please stop answering the comments on Twitter and let MTEM do it instead, via an official statement. I'm also eager to look at MTEM's proposal and you are currently not helping by trying to gain sympathy with your trials and tribulation stories.Oh, and do delete your old tweets too

.The focus should be on MTEM's proposal, not you (2015)

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