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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Filem: The Blue Bird 青い鳥 (arahan NAKANISHI Kenji)

Sempena The Weekend Japanese Film Show anjuran Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur, pada hari Sabtu ini, 5 Mac 2016, akan ditayangkam filem The Blue Bird 青い鳥 (arahan NAKANISHI Kenji 中西健二, tahun 2008, durasi 105 minit, berdasarkan novel tulisan Shigematsu Kiyoshi), bertempat di Auditorium, Content Malaysia Pitching Centre, Platinum Sentral, pukul 3 petang. Kemasukan adalah percuma.

Plot: A substitute teacher named Murauchi takes over a troubled class for a semester, which is trying to move on from the shock of a bullied student’s suicide attempt. Murauchi’s daily acknowledgement of the incident — in spite of his own ridiculed stutter — snaps the rest of the school out of their complacency and forces them to reflect on their actions. Nobody is happy about him reopening old wounds, especially Shinichi, who is guilt-ridden after being identified as one of the tormenters in the suicide note.Based on award-winning author Shigematsu Kiyoshi’s novel, this quiet drama explores the age-old topic of bullying, shedding light on Japanese society’s behaviour and approach to the problem.

Cast: ABE Hiroshi as Mr. Murauchi, HONGO Kanata as SONOBE Shinichi, ITO Ayumi as Ms. Shimazaki, INOUE Hajime as Mr. Ishino

Awards & Honours:
- 33rd Hong Kong International Film Festival SIGNIS Award (Special Mention) – NAKANISHI Kenji
- 63rd Mainichi Film Award for Best Actor –ABE Hiroshi
- 21st Tokyo International Film Festival Official Selection

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