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Saturday, April 9, 2016

No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe, album terbaru dari 65daysofstatic

Band elektronik-post-rock-math-rock dari Sheffield, 65daysofstatic telah melancarkan album terbaru mereka, No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe yang merupakan sebuah runut bunyi untuk sebuah permainan video yang diusahakan mereka sejak 2 tahun lalu bersama pembikin permainan video yang berpangkalan di Las Vegas, Hello Games. Asalnya dinamakan 'project skycraper', album ini mengandungi 2 jam muzik yang dibahagikan kepada 10 karya asli dan 6 trek berupa 'soundscapes' . 

Pengumuman album yang merupakan lanjutan kepada album studio Wild Light (2013) ini dibuat melalui buletin rasmi mereka 65propaganda:

"A couple of years ago we were approached by video-game makers Hello Games to provide some original music for a new game they were developing, then known as ‘project skyscraper’, now known as 'No Man’s Sky', a sort of hyper-real, solitary waltz through a parallel universe in search of oblivion or whatever else feels appropriate in the face of the indifference of eternity."

"The game, close to completion and due for release this summer, is also procedural, meaning, for those of you who don’t ‘do’ games, that it generates itself algorithmically rather than manually and therefore is, to all intents and purposes, evil. In other words, it means that the parts of the game one journeys through are theoretically unique, built by the game itself, and you are experiencing them for the first time. And the idea was to create an audio engine that also generated unique instances of music, albeit from a central library of sounds. 65daysofstatic sounds."
"65daysofstatic had been angling for a soundtrack project of some description for a while, but this seemed a little too perfect: classic sci-fi aesthetics married with a scope both cinematic and simultaneously HD but lo-fi, with a nice loose analogy for human loneliness or human agency or human desire in whichever unevenly distributed version of the future you happen to live in."

Album ini bakal rilis pada 17 Jun 2016 dalam format digital dan fizikal dan boleh dipesan sekarang melalui label Laced Records: https://www.lacedrecords.com/?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C1953857899

Senarai trek:
Album One: Music for an Infinite Universe :-
M o n o l i t h
S u p e r m o o n
A s i m o v
H e l i o s p h e r e
B l u e p r i n t f o r a S l o w M a c h i n e
P i l l a r s o f F r o s t
E s c a p e V e l o c i t y
R e d P a r a l l a x
H y p e r s l e e p
E n d o f t h e W o r l d  S u n

Album Two: Soundscapes:-
N M S _ e xt e r i o r A t m o s 1 / f a l s e s u n s t o m o r r o w / l u l l / c e l e s t i a l f e e d b a c k d e p a r t u r e / s h o r t w a v e / n o i s e t e s t t e m p o r a l D i s s e n t / a s c e n s i o n _ t e s t 1 / k o a e c a x b o r e a l i s / c o n t r a s t e l l a r o u t l i e r / E O T W S _ V a r i a t i o n 1

Runut bunyi No Man’s Sky telah dirakam di Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire oleh Dave Sanderson dan Adam Sennitt, diterbitkan oleh 65daysofstatic dan Dave Sanderson, diadun di Castle of Doom, Glasgow oleh Tony Doogan pada awal 2015, dengan rakaman tambahan / 'red-light mixing' dibuat oleh 65daysofstatic. Mastering dilakukan di Abbey Road oleh Frank Arkwright.

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